How to help to update the FAQ ?

You can easily help this FAQ document by providing the solutions you have found for your problems. It does not help when you send a reply to the list with the Subject Solved and the body of the message says simply Thanks everyone I have solved my problem. It would be better for everyone's benefit including yourself to provide the solution, so someone else can also solve their problems by going over your steps.

To send your contribution there are lots of methods. Using the Sourceforge Docman interface could be quite helpful. all you have to do is filling the blanks and submit. Use the following link to reach the docman http://sourceforge.net/docman/new.php?group_id=42064

You can also send me your contributions as plain text or better as Docbook <qandaentry></qandaentry> files to be included in the FAQ.

Another way to send contributions, is by using Sourceforge's tracker for Patches

If there are spelling errors or incomplete answers for questions, please, use the Sourceforge tracker for Bugs

I do sincerely believe the Unofficial SuSEFAQ is far from complete, be it by layout or contents. In order to help it grow into the direction you would like to see, please submit your requests to Feature Requests under the Sourceforge menu

Updated: Wed, 04 Feb 2004
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