How to do local YaST2 Online Update

YaST2 Online Update Locally

Togan Muftuoglu

This article aims to outline the procedure, if you want to update your SuSE Linux via YOU locally

  1. First use a cron script to obtain a mirror via rsync every night updating /usr/local/update/i386/update/8.2 directory. You can place the following script under /etc/cron.daily/patcher.sh


    The very first time this script is run it will try to populate the entire directory structure. If your Internet connection speed is low you can reduce the download amount by copying the files and directories under /var/lib/YaST/patches/i386/update/8.2/ to /usr/local/update/i386/update/8.2 directory so rsync will update only the changes.

    1. #!/bin/sh
      logger -t patcher.sh[$$] Updating from LEO - 8.2
      rsync -rvptgoDz --delete --include *.patch.rpm --exclude src/  --exclude *.rpm  --exclude disks/ \
        ftp.leo.org::suse/i386/update/8.2/. /usr/local/update/i386/update/8.2/.
      logger -t patcher.sh[$$] Finish Updating from LEO - 8.2 


      This script will only download the pacth information and the patch rpms.

  2. Once your local mirror is populated then you can start YaST2 and choose Online Update

  3. When using YaST2 Online Update module select expert

      Yast2 menu selection
  4. Then choose harddisk and enter the path as follows “ /usr/local/update”, as seen in the picture

      choose hardisk
  5. YOU will now find the remaining parts depending on your SuSE version. If it is succesfull your YOU screen will look like

      It will find the path
  6. Then you will be able to apply the pathces via harddisk.

      You can apply now

Creating a Patch CD

There is also the possibilty to create CD with the patches on a CD ROM. Once you have created such a CD, start YaST2 Control Center and choose Patch CD Update

Background Information

The patch structure and the directories where the patches are located should be exactly the same as on the ftp server. The path on CD ROM must start with the {ARCHITECTURE} directory, e.g. the path on ftp server is:


the directory structure on the CD ROM is:


So to make a Patch CD the important point is use of graft-points option of mkisofs for example

-graft-points i386/update/8.2=/usr/local/update/i386/update/8.2

This way you can use the CD as a patch CD and YaST2 will happly accept it.

Using XCdroast to create the Patch CD

  1. Start XCDroast and choose Create CD->Master Tracks.

  master tracks

    and choose the directory you have as the mirror (/usr/local/update/i386/update/8.2 in the example)

  2. When you add the directory a pop window will be created asking you to choose how the directory structure will be written to the CD

  write the directory structure

    which will be for SuSE 8.2 i386/update/8.2

  3. Finally choose Creat session/Image and after calculating size of the image either write the image to the CDROM on the fly or to the disk to be processed later

  Creat image

Updated: Tue, 03 Feb 2004
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