SuSE 8.0 does not shutdown

It stops at “Runlevel 0 has been reached

Do a

uname -a

If you see something like 64GB smp in it, then go to YaST and select to install the standard SuSE kernel instead of the SMP kernel.

  1. Fire up the Install/Remove module of YaST2 (or the Las Vegal Girl...whatever you wanna call it)

  2. In the 'Group' List box, select System/kernel

  3. Select k_deflt and deselect k_smp (YaST2 should display a 'd' right next to k_smp and should display an 'X' right next to 'k_deflt'

  4. Let it install it

    1. Run mk_initrd and lilo again before step five.

  5. Reboot

  6. Your computer will be a complete screw up at this time. Nothing will run. Your computer will turn into a worthless piece of junk sitting on your desktop not being able to do anything whatsoever. At this step, call 1-800-BILL-GATES to fix the problem.

  7. BTW, when I went through Step 1 - 5, everything was OK. You may or may not encounter Step 6.

Updated: Tue, 03 Feb 2004
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