Starting and Stoping Services: insserv

Starting and Stoping Services

SuSE is using insserv to control the runlevel links in an automatic fashion. This section tries to address questions related to creating and maintaing runlevel links.

1. How can I start services at boot time ?
2. Why do my runlevel symlinks change order ?
3. I can't find chkconfig where is it ?
4. How can I stop hwscan from starting at boot time ?

How can I start services at boot time ?

To start a service:
$ insserv named
To stop a service from starting:
 $ insserv -r named


You can also use YaST Control Center->System->Run level editor+Runlevel properties

Have a look at insserv(8) manual page for in detail explanations.

INSSERV(8)            The SuSE boot concept            INSSERV(8)

       Insserv - Enable an installed system init script

       Enables an installed  system  init  script  (`boot
       script')  by  reading  the  comment  header of the script,

         ### BEGIN INIT INFO
         # Provides:       boot_facility_1 [ boot_facility_2 ...]
         # Required-Start: boot_facility_1 [ boot_facility_2 ...]
         # Required-Stop:  boot_facility_1 [ boot_facility_2 ...]
         # Default-Start:  run_level_1 [ run_level_2 ...]
         # Default-Stop:   run_level_1 [ run_level_2 ...]
         # Description:    multiline_description
         ### END INIT INFO

       and calculating  the  dependencies  between  all  scripts.

If you are interested in making your own init script for a custom program to start at boot time look at /etc/init.d/skeleton. You can use this example to create your own.


Why do my runlevel symlinks change order ?

"insserv", is changing the run level links. Every time a package including an init script is being installed, it calls insserv in its %post section to install the required run level links. Have a look at the insserv(8) and init.d(7) man pages. Probably your init script is lacking the required comments in the header that determine the default run levels and startup dependencies (as specified by the LSB).


Have a look at SuSE Package Conventions document if you are creating your own rpms or for a deeper understanding of SuSE RPM internals. Note that this document is still work in progress...


I can't find chkconfig where is it ?

Applies to SuSE 8.0

The equivalent is insserv, refer to the previous question for detailed info about man pages and other explanations.

CHKCONFIG(8)                                         CHKCONFIG(8)

       chkconfig - enable or disable system services

       chkconfig -t|--terse [names]
       chkconfig -s|--set [name state]
       chkconfig -e|--edit [names]
       chkconfig -l|--list [--deps] [names]
       chkconfig -a|--add [names]
       chkconfig -d|--del [names]


chkconfig  is used to manipulate the runlevel links at boot time
(see init.d(7)).  It can be thought of as a frontend to insserv(8).
Chkconfig can run in six different  modes:  terse  list  mode,  set
mode,  edit mode, list mode, add mode and delete mode. The last three
modes were added for compatibility reasons


How can I stop hwscan from starting at boot time ?

  1. Fire up YAST

  2. Select "System"

  3. Select "Runlevel Editor"

  4. Select "Runlevel Properties"

  5. Select (from list) "hwscan"

  6. Click "Set/Reset"

  7. Select "Disable the service"

  8. Click "Finish"

An alternative procedure is as follows

It's a service called "hwscan", started from the Links in /etc/init.d/rcX.d where X is your runlevel. To see in which runlevels your script is invoked :

# chkconfig -l script

Normally you could remove the scripts with:

# insserv -r script

in your case:

# insserv -r hwscan

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